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Marina Village at The Reserve
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Marina Village at The Reserve will capture the colorful festivity and Caribbean flavors of a Belizean coastal town. Here, residents and visitors will stroll along the vibrant pedestrian paths, stopping to browse handcrafted wares from local artisan, sip a refreshing libation at their favorite café, savor a local dish at the Kriol bistro, or meet up with friends at one of several barefoot beach bars. With a variety of entertainment venues and cultural activities, the energy will be palpable — day and night.

More than a popular destination featuring a boutique hotel, Marina Village at The Reserve will be a close-knit community in its truest sense. Neighbors become life-long friends as they come together to shop at the weekend farmer’s market, drop by the Belizean bakery, bump into each other at the local post office and grocery store, and exchange greetings as they walk the gentle hill to the church located on top.

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